Wednesday, January 13, 2010

back dated blogs by Fiz

Hey all! So this all happened a couple of days ago, but lets bring you up to speed.

January 10:

The journey has begun for real! I will not see my mother or anyone else this side of the Atlantic ocean for four months, as of now.

There is this cute little baby, well toddler, running around exploring the gate we are waiting at. He ran up to these massive windows and looked outside at the tarmac for a minute, then he wandered in front of us for a second. Then he went back to the window, touched it, and then he went running around behind us. A second or two later he ran back to the window and touched it again then went along the length of the window and up another row of seats.

He did this for a good ten minutes or so, till he had gotten his bearings. Meanwhile this other toddler is being led around by his older brother. Both little tykes are so small and could loose themselves so easily in the vastness of Terminal B had they no method of not getting lost.
Kinda puts our trip in a little bit of perspective.

Some time after January 10 ended:

We have a 13 hour lay over in Abu Dhabi. The lounges are closed to poor backpackers like ourselves. Even if we had the cash I don’t think they would let us is dress like we are. The look they gave us was of pure disdain.

We wanted to wi-fi more than anything so we lingered in the hall and tried to pick up a signal, which failed. So we retreated to the only place with benches, the trustworthy Burger King. Kathleen fell asleep for a bit on the bench with the TV blaring a football game. I just had a four hour conversation with a bird that had made a home for itself in food court.

Our trip is in phases, this is how much we have got through:

Phase 1 (drive to NYC with mothers and stay in cousins apartment) - complete
Phase 2 (flight from JFK to AUH) - Complete
Phase 3 (layover in AUH the length of our flight from JFK) - nearly done
Phase 4 (flight from AUH to BKK) - wish us luck

Abu Dhabi has a crazy airport. There are

a.) a posh looking hotel (inside it),

b.) As many first and business class lounges as there are economy class seating areas,

c.) Potentially more duty free shops as JFK although it is 1/3 the size, and

d.) The coolest traffic control tower ever, it looks like a giant sail, or a colossal dorsal fin. The most striking thing about it is that it is the tallest thing visible from the airport in any given direction. We would know too, having just spent 12 hours here walking laps and taking naps. Hopefully in 2 hours or so we will be in the air again.

Later the same day:

Phases 3 and 4 Complete. We are in Bangkok and finally have a wi-fi connection! Laying in bed next to Kathleen I'm looking around the room we are in. There are 6 other beds and I think I'm the only other male in here. We got in and put our bags down on the last remaining bunk bed. Shortly there after I realized that there was either a purse or feminine sandals near every other bed. ha!

Our roommates just walked in, not really sure how I feel about being that token guy in the co-ed dorm.

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