Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We are getting down to the final days before departure. Getting ready for travel anytime can be hectic, but seeing as its Mercury retrograde, things are made a little more so. We, after much deliberation, seem to have settled on a rough itinerary. It looks like there is simply too much to do in Thailand/Laos. Because of time constraints we decided no beaches. I know, go all the way to Southeast Asia and no beaches? I would love to see them too. However, we are traveling at high season and hordes of frat-boys trying to have a cultured experience are not our idea of fun. So, maybe some other time, for now... into the mountains.

I am looking at my inventory of things to pack and bring, its hard to think about what you will need over the course of four months and 3 countries. Clothes make up the smallest portion, mostly its medical supplies and electronics.... you know the essentials.

This is a test run on this blog, to see that it works, and that everyone can see it. Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. I can see it! This is pretty exciting.


  2. you're still in the valley and i'm vicariously traveling. cool. hey, clothes are cheap in that part of the world. it's good you're focusing on things you can't easily acquire. if you ever get into trouble, contact me and i'll help in any way i can (not that you'll need it).

    bright blessings on your journies and esperiences,


  3. Yeah, I love travel blogs. Have fun, amigos.
    Btw, "preparations" is spelled as such. -Adam

  4. looking forward to reading your adventures! Tania