Friday, January 29, 2010

Sick in the Sky (in Pai): by Fiz

Ugh….I think I can now count, as of today, the number of times I have willingly taken antibiotics on two hands. A bit over a week ago I was feeling right as rain, but then from out of nowhere I started to get moody, and gloomy, and feeling downright down in the dumps. I thought it was the weather, I thought it was the lack of appetizing food, I thought it was the rate at which we were spending through our cash.

Then three days into my buzzkillness it occurred to one of us that I might actually be sick. I was... and still am. I had a fever for a little while during which I had dreams that my father was still alive and what kind of existence that would mean for me, but that tapered off and left me with a sore throat, that has gotten worse over time. Despite the herbal remedies I got from a local pharmacy.

The clincher is that I have now successfully infected Kathleen. I don't think there is anything we have done here, in Pai, since arriving worth mentioning. Well I have been spending an inordinate amount of time reading "Commitment"( by Elizabeth Gilbert) in a cafe that Pioneer Valley really could use. I will share no details so none of you open it before we get to.

I spent the whole day today killing time waiting for the pharmacy to open.
We shall see if the antibiotics I bought today kick this ailment of mine.
There is this huge annual reggae festival this weekend that starts, I think, tonight that should be fun... if we make it.

Totally unrelated... in Thailand they have these pickup truck with the beds loaded up with speakers about as tall as me driving around city streets blaring adds or something, not being able to speak any Thai, the two of us have been curious as hell wondering if this is some form of propagating politics, or if companies have adopted the method as grass roots advertising. Either way its not so bad in the bigger cities, because well, there big. They only drive around in the afternoon after the workday ends, when people are commuting home, but being in a city where downtown isn't much more than 3 square block, it got old pretty quick.

Going back to the Reggae festival thing,...I don't really have much more to say about that...
The scenery here is beautiful, in the process of killing time I stood on a rickety old bamboo bridge over the Pai river, which sort of wraps around three sides of Pai, just looking at the dull green of the mountains in contrast to the blue sky, with wisps of clouds floating around. It probably looks much more striking in the wet season.

Not much going on really.


  1. Hang in there fiz and kathleen -- i always hear of someone getting sick at least ONCE while traveling in asia - not a fan of antiboitics myself, when you have limited time and travel to do - just bite the bullet and get on the road to recovery fast...also something strange in those asian antibiotics, they get you better scarily fast!

  2. Fiz,

    Hope you are feeling. No fun to be traveling when you are sick.

    Take care.
    Happy travels
    Love to Kathleen

    Maria & Kevin