Saturday, July 9, 2011

Local Art Local Food

This morning we began packing. But before we resigned ourselves to spending all of the gorgeous summer day inside we strolled around the Amherst Common.

Amherst, like many places in the Pioneer Valley has a lot going on. Saturday is the Farmers' Market May through October and so we indulged ourselves wandering around looking at all the wonderful organic vegetables and the ripe berries out on display. Local food is so important to a healthy people and healthy earth, and I like getting the chance to eat locally grown.

 I really wished that I had had my camera, silly that I always have it on hand when I'm traveling but never when I'm home. Shame on me for that their were some spectacular looking things.

Next to the farmers market was a craft fair which we browsed through. There are so many talented artists who live and work in this area, it really blows my mind. There were two that really stood out amongst the offerings.

One was Seed to Stem " Connecting humans with their roots". They were a creative and whimsical design studio that makes living sculptures by putting plants in clear blown glass terrariums filled with sand and crystals and water.  If we weren't about to move halfway around the world I would have bought a dozen. They come in all shapes and sizes and look good on old cabinets. They ermine me of something out of a magical emporium.

The other was glass artist Noah Rockland-Miller, a local kid who is making spectacular art. There are many many, perhaps too many, glass artists in the valley but his really stood out. They were blows glass but not your typical stoner-glass offerings. Instead there were perfume bottles and drawer pulls and necklaces along with pure sculpture and other jewelry. His art is highly evocative of nature with simple lines, earthy colors and much attention to detail.

Both are worth checking out, if only for the pictures. But if you are looking for a special gift, remember to love your local artists!

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