Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life in the Monsoon Lane

Posted by Fiz

So we lied in the last post, you can get on Facebook in Vietnam... it's just that '' doesn't get you there.  I'm not actually sure how to get it up as a page, it was up on the computer I sat down at lol. Perhaps there is a government re-direct here.

Anywho, pertaining to the title of the post, I got to watch people walk through an inch of rainwater in the streets today (It couldn't have been raining more than 30 minutes) for the first time ever. I can now say I have been in a monsoon! and man is 'raining' an understatement, it should be called 'sky-falling-so-hard-even-old-ladies-are-run-ing'.

I kid you not, businesses had to turn on their electric signs to be seen from the street. Water was coming down in sheets. It was interesting though, because before it started to come down, an old shop keeper came out side and cleaned the drain in front on his shop,  as soon as he finished unclogging the grate the first drops of rain hit.

As the rain started getting heavier people stopped what they were doing for a second and pulled ponchos out of seemingly nowhere and continued what ever it was they were doing. The pace of everything, picked up dramatically, but it seemed that the only people who hid from the world was the two of us, and every other foreigner around.

When the rain stopped, 30 min after it started, an old lady, came outside of her shop and took advantage of the inch of rainwater by cleaning the sidewalk in front of her shop. 

Not being so fond of getting drenched, it will be interesting to see how I take advantage of the regular rain...

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