Monday, January 16, 2012

I Speak American

When you travel in another English speaking country you take it for granted that you all speak the same language. In fact there are many types of English; British, Australian, Irish, (I’m not even going to classify Scots as English), Indian and American (to name the biggies). Academically speaking British English, American English and Indian English are recognized as separate braches of English.

As we’ve been traveling around we’ve been noticing just how separate the versions of English can be.  Australian English is alike a funky half breed of British and American with a lot of “what the hell” throw in with a side of nonsense sounding words. In short I’ve learned that I speak American.

Here for your viewing pleasure, and maybe for some, your reference, are some Aussie words and phrases that we’ve picked up. While it’s true that you can probably just Google Australian slang, these are words we’ve actually come in contact with. It’s the FizKat Aussie to ‘Merican Dictionary

Every Day

 Tracky-dacks- sweat pants
Eskie- cooler
jump’r  sweater/jacket
tomato sauce- ketchup
full cream milk – whole milk
thongs- flip flops
franga- condom
The Bush- literally a part of land that boarders the Outback, semi-arid terrain,
bush - used when referring to the woods or wilderness areas. “ It ran off into the bush.”
washing powder- laundry detergent
pegs- clothes pins
ute- pick up truck
rego- registration
whipper-stripper- weed wacker

Drinking Beer(not as simple as it sounds) …

Schooner- about a bottle
Pot- 200ml about ½ a Schooner (VIC)
Middie- same as a pot (NSW)
Jug- pitcher
Stubbie- a little bottle of beer

…and Smoking’

darri- cigarette
cone-bowl( not the type you eat out of)
joint- when they say joint they mean spliff

Dumb-Ass ( and other insults)

Flamin’ gallah – idiot
Dole-bludger- welfare abuser
Flamin’ ( fill in the blank)- idiot
Derro- abbreviation of derelict- white-trash -also used to mean ‘tool’


‘Good-on-you’- Good for you
‘How you going?’- What’s up?
‘Gone-off’- gone bad (as in food)
‘No wukin’ Furries’- no worries can be shortened to “ no wuks”

‘Mate’- friend, dude, bro used more liberally in the bush than in the cities. Very Aussie.

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