Sunday, February 12, 2012

Possum Attack!



So you’ve heard about the possum, the cute cuddly thing that looks nothing like the North American species.  Well it turns out that the little guy is even cuter than before!

The other day, as I was getting ready for work round about 6 am, I got rushed by the one of the resident possums.  It charged out from under our picnic table and lunged at my hands.  It missed, but it looked so adorable that I couldn’t help myself, I reached down to let it get a sniff of my hand, like you would a new dog, and it reached up, grabbed my hand, and tried to bite it.  I made a fist thinking it wouldn’t be able to fit its mouth around it, and was sorely let down, it totally could. 

It was about then that I decided trying to touch it was a poor choice, as I stood up it looked at me one last time, went for my foot and started chewing on my big toe. 

I realized that it was clearly trying to get me to feed it, because it wasn’t being aggressive, and hadn’t bitten me hard enough to draw blood.  Also because it would periodically look at me before continuing to gnaw on my toe. 

Kathleen came out as the possum was going at my toe, and startled it up a tree.  It climbed up to eye level, and watched as Kathleen went back inside and returned with a peach.  With out falling of the trunk of the tree it reached out with both of its hands, grabbed the peach (which was close to the size of my fist), stuck it in his mouth and clambered up into the upper branches of the tree.

My plan is to cut up some of the plums we have that are about to turn and make a trail leading in our front door!

I’ll let y’all know how it goes…

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