Monday, February 27, 2012

Rainy Day Blues


It’s Monday and this morning I just couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and go to work.  Kathleen felt the same way coincidentally, she hadn’t gotten enough rest to operate the machinery, and we called to see if we could come in a bit late.  Which was totally ok as we aren’t on wage for the pears.  So at 8:00 we are noticed a rather large patch of cloud that happened to go on as far as the eye could see, which was pretty far, this part of Australia is flat, like an underscore is flat ____ That flat.

We also heard lots of thunder in the distance.  After another call in we found out that the storm was projected to blow right over.  So we pack our lunch and we jump into our Executive Commodore, (that’s the model of our car, the make is Holden, owned by Chevy actually) and drive off to work. 

Its 8:15 at this point and it starts to rain.  Then it rains a little harder.  And about 3 minutes away from work we drive right into a wall of rain.

We arrive at work and our boss is confident it will blow over.  So far every weather prediction he has made has been wildly inaccurate.  The one time he called work early for a thunder head it actually did pass right over us in the time it took to get our shit in our car and start to drive away.

Today was not one of those days.  We parked next to all the other pickers in our block, and even as we were arriving we saw two cars leave.  By 8:30 somebody who had come to work after us had already left, along with three or four more cars.  At 8:45 our boss came around and told us along with the few remaining optimists to go home, it was too wet, and that he would text us when it was dry enough to come back.  We are still waiting for the text, because wait for it, its still raining. 

It stopped for about an hour around ten, but it is just past 1:00 now and it is still steadily spittin’.

I’m still feeling lazy as all hell, and am in no way upset that I’m sitting on our sofa writing this instead of out in the orchards. The only perk about picking in this sort of weather is that the sun is tucked safely behind the clouds so you can come out of hiding a little bit and ease off the sun block and wear less layers, also the rain keeps you cool so you don’t over heat, which is a problem for a lot of backpackers.

I’m listening to Jimi Hendrix as I write this post and he is the perfect thing for a rainy summer day.  Something about the way he manipulates his guitar is the perfect pickup when everything about the world right now is telling me to go back to bed.

Oh and the possum trap didn’t work.  Well it wasn’t so much of a trap really, I cut up a bunch of fruit and put it in a pile in front of our door so he couldn’t take it and run off, so he would have to stay if he wanted it.  I had hoped to leave the door open and just keep the screen door closed so we could see him before he saw us but it got cold, really cold, and the door was closed to conserve what little heat we could.  But we did make a bet with Nico and Nelly, the French couple, to see who could catch the little guy first. $5 on the line, we need a new strategy.

If you have any ideas, please do comment.

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  1. Well done with the possum ! The pictures are so lovely ! We gonna find a new stratery too :-) after the peach feeding...euhhh...let's touch him frendly and make pictures !! Hihihihi !!

    see you soon !!