Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roomate Roulette

By Kathleen Broadhurst

Yesterday was a full on type of day, full of running to catch trains, strange people and disappointing conclusions. I started the day optimistic, with three roommate situations lined up to look at I figured something would go, I was wrong.

The First house: Caught the long way into East Brunswick to look at a room in a house with a singer/songwriter. She seemed the coolest of all the people when we talked on the phone and it was the closest to my friends in Northcote. After catching a train, the wrong tram and then the right tram I asked her what stop I should get off on and got “ Ooops I totally forgot to tell you I already gave the room to somebody else!”

Awesome. Thanks for telling me…. now that I’m three stops away. She invited me to come over anyways, because the girl she chose isn’t a long termer and you never know. So I went over and had a cup of tea. She was really cool and we ended up talking for about and hour. Too bad.

The Second House: Between houses one and two I had about two hours to kill and seeing as the second room was in a really cool area I decided to grab a chocolate and a seat at a café. I’m still not sure how cafes here work ( something I should get up on quick considering that I’m looking for café work), its not your standard counter system, you pay when you leave not when you buy and they often bring you your coffee.

After a relaxing hour reading and writing I ventured forth to the next stop. It was a beautiful apartment in an old brick townhouse, the room had a fireplace and it was literally a stones throw from the main street where all manner of interesting stores and people reside. I liked the people well enough, a bit stuck up for me but negotiable. Friendly certainly. They told me they would tell me in the morning.

The Third House: I could tell I didn’t want to live there before I even rang the doorbell. It was the room without walls, a curtained off section of the main room. I shouldn’t have wasted their time. Two couples living together looking for a fifth wheel to live in their living room, vegetarian kitchen, non-smokers. Not so much. Though they were very nice and I got on with them fairly well. Leaving their place I was further convinced that it wasn’t for me because the area was, while not unsafe, unsure.

This morning I woke up to a text that said “ sorry we’ve found somebody else”. Rejection sucks, even, perhaps especially, from strangers. But it was probably out of my budget anyways.

Today is for the job interview, hopefully that is more successful than the rooms. I guess its back to the drawing board- or in this case, Gumtree.

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