Friday, April 20, 2012

Up Next

By Kathleen

So now the clock is ticking, Fiz is leaving in two days! Which means I’ve been in a  rush, finding out places to live and jobs and such. I think I’ve applied to more jobs in the last five days than I have ever in my life… combined. I’m told 2-3 weeks is about how long I should expect to wait to land something. Finding roommates is a new and interesting challenge. Some people don’t get back to you others have keywords in their listings that are red-flags. I look for alternative sounding names and words and steer away from things like “ rent includes Foxtel”. I’ve heard back from a few places so we’ll see if that gets me anywhere.

This is all new to me, so its pretty exciting and bit unnerving all at the same time. Being away from each other is going to be a new travel challenge but one that I feel confident will work out. The real question now is where I’ll be.

Melbourne is tantalizing. Maybe my views of it are a bit rosy because it was our first western city after all that drama in India, or perhaps its because it’s alternative and musical and artistic, similar in some ways to home. One of my best Aussie friends lives there and of course… there is the permaculture, hippies and restaurants that are by donation in old convents.

Sydney is also wonderful though. The city is beautiful, the weather is warmer and here I have a place to crash for at least a few weeks. Across the street is a pair of warehouse communes that hold music nights and parties, down the road a tattoo artist and up the street a guy who makes his living renovating historic homes while his wife writes.

Both offer possibility both offer adventure and friendship. Let the dice roll.

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