Friday, February 22, 2013

What Happens When We Aren't Traveling

I am a secret nomad. I like to be on the move, literally if possible figuratively when not. I like to keep busy and I am easily bored. So what happens in between planning for trips and traveling on them? What do we do the rest of the time?

“ You are who you are, wherever you are.” My friend told me, reassuringly, “no matter where you go you will have the experiences in life that you as a person as likely to have.”  It was a long way of telling me to chill out, exciting things happen at home too. When I first got home I was worried that nothing exciting or interesting would happen now that I was in one place.

I would love to say that nothing could be further than the truth, but that wouldn’t be wholly accurate. On the road you don’t need to seek out entertainment, companionship, or adventure. There is something new waiting every time you step out and there is a strong and supportive travel community that you can find fleeting camaraderie with.

At home you have to try harder to find new things. It is easy to stop looking at the world with the eyes of one who sees every detail who notices new patterns. In order to fend off this dreadful sleep-like state I have embarked on a series of projects.

I’m a fiend for projects. I like to keep busy and while I still can’t find a full time job, I work full time doing what I can to make life fun and engaging.

I have been helping a budding brewer get her legs under her, working on marketing and as a taste tester (it’s as fun as it sounds).

I have freelancing for the local artsy magazine, writing everything from music reviews to profiles of local business owners.

I have finished another edit of a book I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s as polished as I can make it now and though I haven’t had any success shopping it around (I mean really who wants to buy YA sci-fi?) I have made some great connections to the robust local writing community. They have given me tips and critiques, support and many things to think about.

But still there is a divide, between my travel-self and my home-self.  When I was living in Melbourne one of the topics of discussion that kept coming up amongst housemates was the question “ How do we make travel sustainable?”

To that end, and because we love art and music and being on the road, Fiz and I have conspired to open our own business;  It’s a service really, we organize local artists to vend at music festivals. This we hope will allow us to travel more, at least domestically, maintain our connection to the world of nomads, and to enjoy the perks of being more or less in one place, namely employment.

I’m hoping that this will bring us many good adventures, which I hope to share with all of you, over the summer.

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  1. Love the way you articulate my life!!!! Tis a daily battle my love!!! Must....settle.....down (not)