Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Small Bouts of Adventure

Spring has sprung and the weather in the Valley is heating up. This lovely thaw marks for us the beginning of the 2013 Festival season.  In the times that this blog has lay silent and dormant we have in fact been starting a business.

My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of a business for as long as we have been together and we finally, in the depths of winter depression decided no time was as good as the present. It’s been a lot of paperwork and a pretty intense learning curve but it’s coming along.

The Good Life Collective is a place for emerging artists in our valley can consign their work for sale at festivals ( mainly) and fairs(sometimes). It is as much a way to make the life of an artist more sustainable as it is a way for us to make out travel/music addiction sustainable. It allows us participate in our community ( in this case the community of festivarians) and also to be mobile, or at least, that is our intent. 

As part of our new work schedule we have applied to and been accepted as vendors in many music festivals in the North East. Our first festival, Extravaganja went off well enough to make us think there may be some chance of this actually working.

From here until September every other weekend we have something planned. Now while many of those things are festival,  not all are, at the end of the month I will be doing a press trip for GoNomad which will involve whales and sea kayaks, neither of which I have had experience with.

It’s not the same as travel, I can’t fool myself completely, but I am hoping that these short burst of adventure will satiate me for at least a little longer.

Stay tuned for new adventures of camping, music, traveling business and whatever else we encounter on our little road trips.( And if you are feeling friendly, give us a 'like' on Facebook here.)